Friday, 14 June 2024
'Healing Center' Konya City Hospital

'Healing Center' Konya City Hospital

In the City Hospital, which started accepting patients at the beginning of August last year in Konya, 1 million 298 thousand 127 patients were provided with health services in a year. Konya City Hospital, which has a capacity of one thousand 250 beds, became a health base where non-pandemic patients were directed during the epidemic period.

While the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak was experienced intensively from time to time in Konya, the City Hospital started to serve on August 5, 2020 in a period when the number of patients increased considerably. In this period, Konya City Hospital became a medicine. While the treatment of pandemic patients continues in other hospitals in the city, the City Hospital has been reserved for non-pandemic patients. The hospital, where outpatient clinic, emergency, obstetrics and surgery services are carried out without interruption, has become a health base where non-pandemic patients are directed.

Konya City Hospital The first 9 months evaluation meeting of 2022 was held under the chairmanship of Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Mehmet Koç. In the meeting where all hospital administrators, clinical responsibles, lecturers and specialist physicians were present together with the Chief Physician of the Hospital Dr. Oğuzhan Günenc, the health services provided at the City Hospital were discussed and the solution proposals for the problems identified by considering statistical data were discussed.

'Diversity in Featured Healthcare Continues to Increase'

Stating that Konya City Hospital has gained both the favor and trust of the public with its highest level of service quality, Prof. Dr. Koç said, "Many centers that are special in terms of health have become active in our hospital and are passing. Our Konya City Hospital is rapidly advancing towards becoming a center of excellence in health. We provide the most qualified health service to our city and region with special health services such as burn treatment center, comprehensive oncology center, pediatric cardiovascular surgery, stroke center, hyperbaric oxygen treatment unit, in vitro fertilization center, genetic diseases diagnosis center, radioactive iodine treatment center, heart center and apheresis unit."

'Difficulties in getting an appointment are rapidly decreasing'

Stating that they continue to take measures to increase the quality of health services provided to citizens, Prof. Dr. Koç said, "With the studies we have carried out recently, we have managed to minimize the difficulties experienced especially in making appointments by rapidly implementing the decisions taken by our Ministry. I hope that our work will continue to eliminate these problems completely."

'Health services were provided to 1 million 604 thousand patients in 9 months'

Konya City Hospital, which has been providing qualified health services to citizens in Konya and surrounding provinces since the day it was opened, has provided treatment services to a total of 1 million 604 thousand patients, 415 thousand 368 of whom are from the emergency department, in a 9-month period. Emphasizing that a total of 4,773 employees with 450 physicians, 250 assistants, over 1,500 midwives and nurses worked in the hospital with a capacity of 1,250 beds, Prof. Dr. Koç announced that 69,245 surgeries were performed in the hospital in the same period.

Following the speech of Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Koç, Vice President of Public Hospitals Services Uz. A presentation was made by Dr. Mustafa Parıcı. The meeting ended with the general evaluations after the presentation.