Monday, 04 March 2024
Konya Produces 10,000 Tons of Crystalline Sugar for Pharmaceuticals

Konya Produces 10,000 Tons of Crystalline Sugar for Pharmaceuticals

In the Çumra Sugar Factory in Konya, an annual production of 10,000 tons of crystalline sugar is made for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

The integrated facility established in Konya on a 2.6 million square meter area for powdered sugar production in 2013 at the Çumra Sugar Factory continues its operations to produce high-quality crystalline pharmaceutical sugar required by the pharmaceutical industry.

The sugar beets brought by the producers from their fields on trailers are weighed on scales and then subjected to the measurement of sucrose content and impurities in the factory laboratories.

The sugar beets in the collection area are transported to the factory production area. After undergoing various processes in the factory, these beets are transformed into crystalline pharmaceutical sugar used in the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical sugar, produced under the supervision of numerous expert chemists and technician personnel, is prepared in 20 and 50-kilogram packages.

PANKOBİRLİK General President and Konya Sugar Beet Growers Cooperative Chairman Ramazan Erkoyuncu pointed out that the Çumra Sugar Factory is the largest sugar factory in Turkey.

Erkoyuncu stated:

"We produce 10,000 tons of pharmaceutical sugar annually. This facility meets the needs of 40 pharmaceutical companies in Turkey. We are the sole producers in Turkey; previously, it was always imported from abroad. Now we have closed this gap. We have completely ended the import of pharmaceutical sugar. If the demand increases, we can produce well beyond 10,000 tons. Our production and products are constantly inspected by the Ministry of Health. They are produced under very specific conditions, in a hygienic and sterile environment."