Friday, 01 December 2023
Konya's Healing Thermal Springs: Natural Treasures of the Region

Konya's Healing Thermal Springs: Natural Treasures of the Region

In Konya, thermal facilities operated by two different municipalities have once again become popular places with the cooling of the weather.


Karatay Thermal Holiday Village and the Şeydi Şifa facilities in Seydişehir have become the top choices for those seeking healing in hot water.


Konya, one of Turkey's most important cities in terms of both historical and natural beauty, welcomes its guests within a unique natural setting at the new and modern facility, Karatay Thermal Holiday Village. It is located just 53 km away from the Mevlana Museum, which is one of Turkey's most visited museums and the resting place of Rumi, who has conveyed the philosophy of tolerance to the world.


Istanbul Medical Faculty's research brings you the most special and healing thermal water in Karatay, offering benefits for a healthy life from muscle system syndromes to lower back and neck pain, stress, and excessive weight.


Seydişehir is becoming a center of attraction in the region with its healing thermal waters. Thermal springs that have been known to exist for over 20 years have been brought to light through recent efforts by Seydişehir Municipality. Under the leadership of Mayor Mehmet Tutal, Seydişehir Municipality has harnessed these resources efficiently, contributing significantly to regional tourism with this substantial investment.