Friday, 14 June 2024
Olive Leaf Study of Turkish Physicians: Highly Effective Against Coronavirus

Olive Leaf Study of Turkish Physicians: Highly Effective Against Coronavirus

It has been scientifically proven that olive leaf strengthens immunity against the coronavirus and leads to a milder passing of the disease. Prof. Dr. Abdurrahim Koçyiğit and Faculty Member Dr. Ali Timuçin Atayoğlu, who received the news that the number of cases decreased after the workers consumed olive leaf tea in a factory in Konya last year, proved the miraculous effect of the olive leaf with their work.

Prof. Dr. Abdurrahim Koçyiğit, who explained that olive leaf tea was recommended to the workers instead of normal tea with the decision taken by the managers in a factory in Konya, stated that it was observed that the number of cases in the factory decreased after the consumption of olive leaf tea. Koçyiğit said that he was contacted by the factory management in order to scientifically examine the effect of the olive leaf on the virus, and that they started a scientific study by establishing a team to investigate the issue.

Prof. Dr. Koçyiğit explained the study on the effect of olive leaf on coronavirus with the following words:

We went to the factory in Konya and took blood samples from 336 people. In the meantime, we took note of the story of all of them. About 183 of them drank olive leaf tea, and 153 did not. We included those who drank at least two cups of tea a day for at least a month in the study. We took the non-drinkers to a separate group, we took the drinkers to a separate group and compared them. In the meantime, we included those who said they did not have the disease. We also did an antibody test to determine if they actually did.

Our most important parameter between the drinker and the non-drinker is the killer cells, which are natural immune cells, and we looked at their number and ratio. I wonder if it really strengthened natural immunity or not. Because we know that if natural immunity is strong, it has the power to destroy all kinds of cancer cells, no matter which virus it is. We wondered if it really had an effect on these cells and whether it increased their numbers. So we looked at two things. We did an antibody test and looked at the number of these natural immune cells. As a result, we have seen that; In terms of statistics, there was a very serious difference between the drinker and the non-drinker.

At the end of his speech, Koçyiğit made suggestions for strengthening the immune system and said:

"Herbal teas, honey, pollen, propolis. provided that they are under the supervision of experts they can also be used in a protective sense. Not only the things we use, but also our sleep patterns, how often we eat, plenty of fluids, exercise and intermittent fasting have many positive contributions to the immune system. "