Friday, 08 December 2023
Physical Therapy with the Latest Technology in Konya

Physical Therapy with the Latest Technology in Konya

The Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Unit, which started to accept patients at Konya City Hospital since July, started to provide services with full capacity. 

Emphasizing that the opening took longer than planned due to the fact that the area allocated for the physical therapy unit was used as Covid vaccination rooms during the pandemic period, Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Koç said, "We offer the most qualified service to our outpatients with 5 physical therapy and rehabilitation specialists, 11 physiotherapists, 1 occupational therapist and 3 physical therapy technicians." Prof. Dr. Koç stated that the unit fulfills an important responsibility by saying, "In our unit, which was opened to service, treatment programs are applied to our patients who cannot walk alone, who cannot use their hands and who have difficulty in standing in balance due to illness or accident, some of whom are congenital, and some of whom are congenital, accompanied by specialist physicians and physiotherapists."

Emphasizing that the City Hospital Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Unit is equipped with modern technological devices, Prof. Dr. Koç said, "Balance-training device, rope suspension treadmill (partial weight controlled running and treadmill), lower and upper extremity ergometry bicycle (hand and foot bike), vacuum and vacuum combined electrotherapy device, Whirpool device (vortex bath), paraffin device (candle treatment), With our medical devices such as waist and neck traction device, low-intensity laser device, Infrared device and ESWT device (shock wave therapy), Neurological, Pediatric, Balance, Rheumatological and Orthopedic Rehabilitation services are offered in our unit." 

Hospital Chief Physician Dr. Oğuzhan Günenc, President of Public Hospitals Prof. Dr. M. Ali Eryılmaz and all hospital management together with the Physiotherapy Unit after the opening of the examinations Prof. Dr. Koç consulted with the health workers working and wished the unit to be beneficial. Prof. Dr. Koç also chatted with the patients receiving treatment he wished for the past.