Thursday, 07 December 2023
Region's Top Healthcare Hub: Konya City Hospital

Region's Top Healthcare Hub: Konya City Hospital

Approximately 3 years ago, a city hospital started providing health services in Konya. Last year, health services were provided to 2 million 262 thousand patients in the hospital.

Konya City Hospital, a tertiary healthcare facility under the Ministry of Health, has provided healing to hundreds of thousands of patients since its opening on October 2, 2020, including those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following the earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş, Konya City Hospital, where the wounds of hundreds of disaster victims were treated, provides healthcare services with 1,250 beds, including 256 intensive care, 108 emergencies, and 30 dialysis beds.

The hospital has an uninterrupted power supply through a trigeneration system, and it offers services in 74 different medical specialties, including 308 outpatient clinic rooms, 266 intensive care units, 14 delivery units, and 49 operating rooms. There is also a helicopter pad at the health center for the use of air ambulances.

The hospital's Chief Physician, Oğuzhan Günenc, stated that since its opening, the hospital has become a healthcare hub for the region with the services it has provided.

Gönenc pointed out that the hospital provides regional services with a burn center, hyperbaric oxygen therapy center, pediatric cardiology center, interventional neurology and stroke center.

Ahmet Işık, a 71-year-old patient receiving treatment at the Neurology Department of the hospital, expressed his satisfaction with the care and services provided, saying "I am very pleased with everything that is done in this hospital. First of all, the cleanliness and the nurses' cheerful and kind attitude are enough for me."

Tuba Işık, who stayed with her father Ahmet Işık as his companion, emphasized that her father is a veteran of Cyprus and a source of pride for their family. She said, "We came here because of my father's illness. He had two strokes in his brain. We were sad, very unhappy, and didn't know what was going to happen. But the hospital gave us hope. Everyone is very good, and we are very pleased. Whether it's our cleaning staff, nurses, or doctors, they are all very cheerful and interested in us. We were very bad when we arrived, but now we are doing well."