Friday, 08 December 2023
The Health Locomotive of the Region

The Health Locomotive of the Region "Konya City Hospital"

Konya City Hospital 2022 evaluation meeting was held under the chairmanship of Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Mehmet Koç. In the meeting where all hospital administrators, clinical responsibles, lecturers and specialist physicians were present together with the Chief Physician of the Hospital Dr. Oğuzhan Günenc, the health services provided at the City Hospital were discussed in the light of statistical data and the solution proposals related to the identified problems were discussed

Reminding that Konya City Hospital started to provide services about 2.5 years ago, Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Mehmet Koç said, "As health managers, we set ourselves a goal on the day our hospital was opened and we shared this goal with you. It was our first goal that Konya City Hospital became a locomotive hospital in health in our city. When we look at the number of surgeries in our hospital, the number of polyclinics and the number of procedures performed in our special units, I can easily say that we have reached this goal. It was the priority of all of us that our hospital worked service-oriented and efficiently as a panacea for the problems of our citizens. We are experiencing the pride and happiness of working with the trust given to us and this great investment with our 4,702 colleagues working here" and thanked all the employees for their selfless work.

Stating that Konya City Hospital has gained both the favor and trust of the public with its high-level service quality, Prof. Dr. Koç said, "Statistical data show us very clearly that we have achieved a serious increase in the diversity and quality of health services offered in our hospital. We dreamed, we set our goal, we worked hard and we achieved success. We have become one of the hospitals with the best income-expenditure balance among all city hospitals. I hope that we will continue these successes in 2023 and bring our hospital to much better levels together."