Thursday, 07 December 2023
The Third Gene Therapy Center of Turkey is in Konya

The Third Gene Therapy Center of Turkey is in Konya

A Treatment Application and Research Center Based on Genetics and Cell Technologies is established within the Faculty of Medicine of Selçuk University. This decision, published in the Official Gazette, will carry both Konya and our country to the top in the field of health.

Assoc. Prof.Dr. Koçak stated that the Genetic and Cell Technologies Based Treatment Application and Research Center, which has been approved to be established within the Faculty of Medicine of Selçuk University, will be the third Gene Therapy Center in Turkey. He said that “We follow up the developments in gene therapy. We want this place to turn into a school and an education center at the same time, because first of all, it is necessary to mature the theory in this field. We aim to combine mRNA technology with gene therapy and offer some unique contributions. We aim to apply mRNA vaccine technology in the field of cancer in our center to be established. In our laboratories we can examine almost all human genes and also we can do genetic analysis and diagnosis of diseases. The main problem is to intervene in these diseases beyond diagnosis. We were helpless about this until recently, but with gene therapy technologies that have come to the fore in the last 10 years, it has become possible to intervene in diseases. We invite young people who are interested in gene therapy to our center.”
Dean Prof. Dr. Yavuz Selvi stated that “Selcuk University Faculty of Medicine is on its way to become the strongest, the most competent, the most dynamic school and hospital in the region. The pandemic period reminded us that we will not be dependent on abroad. We are no longer dependent on foreign countries in terms of vaccines and new technologies. Now we can produce our own vaccine. Genetic diseases can be diagnosed earlier, recognized and treated. Today, when you develop a molecule, human studies of this molecule can be done at the Phase Center of the Selçuk University Faculty of Medicine.
In addition, we have taken a big step by establishing our Gene Therapy Center for the diagnosis and treatment of genetic diseases.”