Friday, 01 December 2023
Ultrasound Examinations for Animals: Prolonging the Life of Animals

Ultrasound Examinations for Animals: Prolonging the Life of Animals

At Selçuk University Veterinary Faculty Animal Hospital, diseases and pregnancies in animals are detected in advance using ultrasonography, a device used for diagnosis and treatment. The hospital, which covers an area of 11 thousand square meters and serves under the university, treated 20,750 animals last year. With full examination rooms, imaging units, laboratory, and radiography units, ultrasonography is used to diagnose and treat various types of animals, including domestic, farm, exotic, and wild animals.

The Chief Physician of the Veterinary Faculty Animal Hospital, Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Erdem, stated that the use of ultrasonography does not cause any harm to animals and it is one of the indispensable devices in diagnosis.

Dr. Erdem stated that they can make every kind of diagnosis except for the determination of anomalous offspring in pregnant animals with ultrasonography and added, "For example, we can detect early pregnancy, the number of offspring, gender, diagnosis of the mother's genital system diseases and differential diagnoses."

Dr. Erdem emphasized the importance of using ultrasonography in farm animals and mentioned that the detection of whether an animal is pregnant could turn into a significant economic gain or loss.

Erdem emphasized that animal lovers must undergo an ultrasound examination for their "animal friends" and pointed out that conscious animal owners bring their animals to the animal hospital for ultrasound examinations because they know that ultrasound is a reliable device and that the error rate of the data is very low. He also emphasized that early diagnosis extends the life span of animals, which can live with humans for 15-20 years. Erdem added that animals can develop fatal chronic diseases such as breast tumors or uterus tumors if they have pathological problems and are not treated.

Erdem mentioned that people from places like Aksaray, Karaman, Niğde, Nevşehir, Antalya and Ankara bring their animals to the animal hospital for treatment.