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Harmanpınar Roman Fountain: A Historic Gem in Konya

Harmanpınar Roman Fountain: A Historic Gem in Konya

Within the borders of Bozkır, there are many ancient settlements that date back to before Christ. Among these, one of the most remarkable is Harmanpınar, formerly known as "Meyre." 

Harmanpınar is located just 10 kilometers from the center of Bozkır, right next to the ancient road that runs from the shores of Beyşehir and Suğla Lakes to Isauria. As you walk through the streets of Harmanpınar, you will encounter many historical artifacts. 

In the center of the neighborhood, especially on the walls of the mosque and other buildings, you can see old, decorated architectural pieces with inscriptions from ancient times. Among these, the most notable is the Roman Fountain.

The Roman Fountain has been flowing with crystal-clear water for centuries. In front of the fountain, there is a small pool. If you are interested in history, you will be fascinated by the magnificent lion statues and architectural pieces with various compositions around the pool. 

It is said that these artifacts were brought here many years ago and have been preserved ever since. There are also many legends and stories told by the locals about this fountain. According to legend, those who drink from this fountain become younger and more beautiful; people who come to Bozkır old return young.