Friday, 24 May 2024
Hazrat Hadimi’s Tomb in Konya

Hazrat Hadimi’s Tomb in Konya

Hazrat Hadimi's Tomb, located in the Armağanlar District of Hadim, Konya, Turkey, is the final resting place of a revered saint and scholar.  

Hazrat Hadimi, whose real name is Mevlânâ Ebu Said Muhammed, was born in Hadim in 1701. The glory of Hazrat Hadimi spread all over Anatolia during her lifetime. 

He was even invited to Istanbul several times by sultans such as Sultan Ahmet III and Mahmut I to give lessons on peace in Hagia Sophia. Although he was asked to stay in Istanbul, he returned to his hometown Hadim and continued to teach at his madrasah.

The tomb itself is a distinctive landmark, built in the Baldachin style. This architectural design features a dome supported by pillars, offering a sense of openness, which some believe reflects Hazrat Hadimi's wishes, as rumors suggest he preferred not to be entombed in a closed space.

Today, the tomb stands as a testament to Hazrat Hadimi's life and legacy, attracting visitors seeking to learn more about this important figure in Turkish history.