Thursday, 21 September 2023
New decision for Konya's 800-year-old artifact

New decision for Konya's 800-year-old artifact

One of the symbols of the Seljuk State in Konya; The 800-year-old İnce Minareli Madrasa, where education such as medicine, astronomy, mathematics, philosophy and history is given, will be restored due to the wear and tear on the crown gate and some parts of the ground.

It is considered that the İnce Minareli Madrasa, which has a history of more than 800 years in the Seljuk district of Konya, was built by Vizier Ata Fahrettin Ali during the reign of Seljuk Sultan Izzeddin Keykavus II, between 1250-1265. It is known that it was built to teach lessons such as

After 8 centuries, the Ince Minareli Madrasa will be restored by the order of the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy. Foundations Konya Regional Director Nurullah Osmanlı said that astronomy, especially the science of hadith, was taught in the madrasa, "The work must have been made between 1250 and 1265. The tiles of that day are still standing. Our minaret was half destroyed in 1901 as a result of a lightning strike. All of these tiles will be restored and overhauled. This place. A madrasa, this is a university, because it is a university, different sciences were taught here. There are some indications that astronomy was also shown. Especially with the tiles representing the stars on its dome, it makes one think that other sciences were taught here. This is the biggest university in Anatolia and a university that trains teachers. All the students who grow up here become the teachers of the Ottoman Empire," he said.



Referring to the importance of the embroideries on the crown door, Regional Director Ottoman said, "After the Seljuk's defeat in the Kösedağ War, when the Mongols were also involved, Sahib-i Ata Fahrettin was building this door, on it are

Surah Fatah, Ayet-el Kürsi and Surah Yasin. This door is right next to the castle door. We know that he is against us. So, we see a great work that gives the message that we are more superior than you with our art, culture and education to the Mongolian commanders and soldiers coming out of here," he said.

Explaining that the Ince Minareli Madrasa will begin to be restored in the coming months, the Ottomans said, "In recent years, the crown door has been worn out due to environmental impact. Upon the instructions of our minister of culture, the restoration of our madrasah came to the fore. Our work is a very valuable work, one of the rare examples of a door made by the Seljuks. It is a Seljuk capital. and these artifacts are among the works symbolizing the Seljuk. This work was made during the reign of Izzettin Keykavus the 2nd. There is actually a kulliye around it. We know that there is a mosque and a primary school. What we have been talking about for years is that the door was worn out due to environmental effects. This crown door needs to be reworked. We will start its restoration in the coming months upon the instructions of our esteemed minister and our general directorate," he said.