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Many bus companies such as Kontur, Özkaymak, Kamil Koç, Metro Turizm, Lux Ereğli, Süha Turizm have flights to Konya. There are direct bus services to many cities of Turkey. In this respect, intercity transportation is easy. Prices vary according to distance.


Istanbul: There are more than 10 flights a day with various companies. You can find buses every 2-3 hours.

Price: Between 420-450 TL


Ankara: Various companies organize bus services around the clock.

Price: Between 200-340 TL


Antalya: More than 10 morning, noon, evening and night flights in various companies".

Price: Between 210-260 TL


Bursa: More than 10 morning, noon, evening and night trips from various companies

Price; Between 210-320 TL


Izmir: There are expeditions organized by various companies around the clock.

Price ; Between 200-320 TL


Adana: Bus services are organized in the afternoon and morning hours of the day, especially at night.

Price: Between 200-300 TL


Trabzon: It is possible to find lunch, morning and evening flights from various companies.

Price: 500 TL



Konya-Istanbul: There are 3 flights a day, 07.00, 12.50, 17.45.

Istanbul-Konya: There are 3 flights a day, 07.30, 12.15, 18.25.

Price: 235 TL


Konya-Ankara: There are 6 flights a day, 06.30, 09.10, 11.30, 14.10, 16.20, 19.00.

Ankara-Konya: There are 7 flights a day at 06.45, 08.55, 11.40, 13.50, 16.35, 18.20, 21.40.

Price: 95 TL


Konya-Eskişehir: There are 3 trips a day, 07.00, 12.50, 17.45.

Eskişehir-Konya: There are 3 flights a day, 10.13, 14.58, 21.08.

Price: 120 TL


There are also flights to cities such as Adana, İzmir, Uşak, Akşehir, Bilecik, Ereğli, Eskişehir, Gebze and Istanbul by Blue Train.



There are direct or connecting flights to Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya, Ağrı, Denizli, Kocaeli, Erzurum, Şanlıurfa, Iğdır, Kahramanmaraş, Kars Kastamonu, Kayseri, Malatya, Mardin, Muş, Siirt, Tokat Trabzon, Uşak.


The most direct flights from Konya take place to Istanbul. Although the number of voyages varies in important periods such as semester break, holiday break, summer vacation, there are generally 11 trips per day. Connecting flights to other cities take place via Istanbul.


HAVAŞ or taxi can be used to reach the airport.

HAVAŞ: The hours from the city center to the airport vary according to the days and there are 6 flights a day. From the airport, the vehicle moves according to the passengers disembarking.

The journey is about 30 minutes and the price is 13 TL.


Taxi Price: From the city center to the airport, it is approximately 200 TL.

It is about 100 TL from the bus station.

From Bosnia and Campus; It is around 90-120TL.


Tram: Selcuk University – Alaeddin

There are 2 lines, namely Alaeddin-Adliye.

There are bus and minibus services to all parts of the city.

Bus and tram; A full 2.10 TL student fee is 1.55 TL, a full subscription is 135 TL, and a student subscription is 90 TL.


Bus and tram; A full 2.10 TL student fee is 1.55 TL, a full subscription is 135 TL, and a student subscription is 90 TL.



minibus lines;


• Ahmetdede Yediler- Keçeciler

• Raiders

• Arabs

• Aydınlıkevler

• Bin Housing

• Büyükaymanas

• Republic

• Lawn

• Journeymen-Hasanköy

• Liberation

• Küçük Kumköprü

• Lalebahce

• Carpenters

• Mengene-Saracoğlu

• Meram Old Road

• Meram Collar

• Meram New Road

• Bus Station-Campus

• Ozal Kent

• Anadolu-Zafer Industry

• Sille Road

• Şeker-Tekke

• Medical School

• Yenice Kovanağzı