Monday, 30 January 2023
Chuvashian Student Shares Turkish Cuisine Learned in Konya with Russians

Chuvashian Student Shares Turkish Cuisine Learned in Konya with Russians

Tatiana Ok, who studied in Turkey with the Great Student Project, introduces the Turkish dishes she learned during her time in Konya to Russians and Chuvaches.

Çuvaş Türkü Ok, who graduated from Konya Selcuk University Department of Public Administration in Turkey from the Republic of Chuvashia of the Russian Federation with the Great Student Project implemented in Turkey in the 1990s, told about the years she lived in Turkey.

Stating that she had never been to Turkey before because she was subject to permission to go abroad during the Soviet period, Ok said that she won the exam she entered and saw Turkey for the first time in 1995 thanks to her student project.

Ok said, "I am happy to go to Turkey, I say this with pride. It gave me a lot of experience. Both culturally, historically and economically, Turkey has contributed a lot to me."

Emphasizing that the Hagia Sophia Mosque comes to mind first when it comes to Turkey, Ok said that they blend into society in Turkey and that life affects her.

Explaining that the concept of hospitality in Turkey has a great impact on her life, Ok said:

"During my time in Turkey, the biggest habit for me was food culture. There are many rich types of food in Turkey. In Chuvashia, I make Turkish food for the Chuvash and Russians and introduce them to Turkish food culture. Some people know Turkish food, but I make Anatolian food more like Anatolian people. This is how we contribute to the relations between Turkey and Russia."

Stating that she missed Konya the most during his time in Russia, Ok said, "When you enter Mevlana's tomb, people find peace there and their thoughts change. Rumi said, 'Come no matter what you are.' That's why I miss it so much."

Stating that she met and married her husband, who is Turkish, in Konya, Ok said that she returned to Chuvashia with her family some time after they got married and that she and her husband started to apply what they learned from the jewelry sector in Turkey.