Friday, 24 May 2024
Future female captain pilots are trained in Konya

Future female captain pilots are trained in Konya

39 out of 100 students who chose the Pilotage Department of the University’s School of Applied Sciences to realize their dreams of becoming a pilot are girls.

After theoretical training, pilot candidates begin practical flight training with a glider at the university’s air park. Students who continue their education on single-engine aircraft, switch to twin-engine aircraft at the end of the fourth grade, get their license and prepare to start their careers.

“I believe women can do anything”

Second-year student Mahmure Elifnur Gülyıldız, 20, said that her family always wanted her to be a doctor, but she decided to become a pilot in high school because of adrenaline and her passion for exploring new places.

Stating that she encountered negative criticism when she wanted to receive pilot training, Gülyıldız said, “Our profession has some advantages and disadvantages regardless of gender, but this should not be considered only for women. That’s why I turned a deaf ear to such comments.” said.