Monday, 28 November 2022
Journey to the Island by Raft

Journey to the Island by Raft

In order to reduce the cost of feed in Beyşehir district of Konya, the breeders take their sheep herds with floating pontoons to Çeçen Island in Beyşehir Lake in spring. There are 33 large and small islands in Lake Beyşehir, which is Turkey's largest freshwater lake. There are also agricultural and animal husbandry activities on some of these islands.

Sheep taken to Chechen Island, across the rural Gölkaşı Neighborhood, on the shore of the lake, spread out here in the spring, thereby saving the producer from the cost of feed.

Animals are fed in their natural environment

Mehmet Erdoğan, who is a livestock breeder in Çiftlik District, which is about 3 kilometers from Gölkaşı District, explained that Çiftlik District has 70 households and has a population of 195, and they do agriculture and animal husbandry on the Çeçen Island, which they have rented with his twin brother.