Friday, 01 December 2023
Karatay Municipality's 4.5 Years of Service and Development

Karatay Municipality's 4.5 Years of Service and Development

Karatay Municipality Mayor Hasan Kılca held a meeting with municipal administrators to assess his 4.5 years in office since taking on the role in 2019, as well as to discuss the developments in 2023.

Mayor Hasan Kılca, expressing that the past 4.5 years and the first 10 months of 2023 have been quite busy for them, highlighted that they have undertaken significant and productive investments during this time. He stated, "Throughout our tenure, we have implemented investments and services in our district without compromising on financial discipline."

During the two-day meetings, unit directors of Karatay Municipality presented briefings on the activities carried out by their units and the planning for the remaining period of 2023.

Karatay Municipality Mayor Hasan Kılca stated in his assessment of the meetings that since taking office, they have been working for Karatay and the local residents.

The services provided to Karatay in the last 4.5 years include:

  • 1. Establishment of health facilities in Selim Sultan, Karakulak, Sedirler, Nakipoğlu, Akabe, and Doğuş neighborhoods.

  • 2. Construction of four KOMEK facilities (Konya Metropolitan Municipality Vocational and Art Courses) in Saracoğlu, Akabe, Hacısadık, and Orhangazi as social facilities.

  • 3. Construction of social facilities in Mengene and Doğuş neighborhoods, serving as both a neighborhood headman's office and a retirees' house.

  • 4. Construction of an office building in Başak Mahalle.

  • 5. Progress in the construction of the barrier-free living center.

  • 6. Completion of the New Soup Kitchen Building, which has been handed over to the Red Crescent.

  • 7. Ongoing Hoşkubbe project.

  • 8. Completion and opening of the Ali Ulvi Kurucu Youth Center.

  • 9. Completion of the Çimenlik Indoor Sports Hall.

  • 10. Ongoing construction of the Indoor Tennis Court.

  • 11. Completion of Fetih and Köprübaşı Quran Courses.

  • 12. Near completion of the Karatay Cultural Center.

  • 13. Ongoing construction of the Karatay Sports Complex.

  • 14. Opening of the Trap-Skeet Shooting Range Social Facility.

  • 15. Provision of 19 new social facilities to distant neighborhoods.

  • 16. Establishment of educational facilities including BILSEM, Sezai Karakoç Imam Hatip Secondary School, Hamzaoğlu Bilal Polat Primary School, Hamzaoğlu Kindergarten, Karatay Culture and Art Academy, Nakipoğlu 24 Classroom Primary School, and Kızören High School.