Wednesday, 24 April 2024
Master of Clocks in Konya for 41 Years

Master of Clocks in Konya for 41 Years

Abdullah Özpınar, a clock repairer, said, "The 'click-click' sound of clocks like a lullaby to us. I can tell from the ticking of the clocks that it is working properly or not."

Abdullah Özpınar, who started his watch repair profession at the age of 10 as an apprentice in Konya, has been repairing watches for 41 years in a 10 square meter shop. Abdullah Özpınar, who stepped into the profession after seeing the advertisement written on the window of a watchmaker who was looking for an apprentice in Konya and entered the door, has been trying to keep his craft alive by repairing all kinds of new, old and antique clocks. Abdullah Özpınar, a watchmaker, stated that he started his profession in 1982.

The most difficult watches to repair are stopwatches. "I fix it for 4-5 hours a day, but when I was younger, we used to fix it for 20-30 hours a day." Özpınar, emphasizing that he repaired old, new and antique clocks as well as mechanical table and wallclocks, said: "The 'click-click' sound of the clocks sounds like a lullaby to us."

From the sound of the clocks, I understand whether it is working properly or not. I don't know the number of watches I've repaired in my life, it's too many. The best quality watches are Swiss and German watches. The oldest watch I've repaired is the one from the 1800s. It was a wall clock, I repaired it and delivered it. There were pocket watches from the 1900s, and it still come, we do. With the changing digital technology, mobile phones have replaced desk clocks.

There used to be table clocks, 3-4 days before Ramadan to get up for suhoor, clocks would repair. There is no such demand anymore. Last Ramadan, I only repaired one. When the mobile phones came out, this job was over.