Monday, 26 February 2024
The Journey of the Last Nomads of Turkey: From Konya to Mersin

The Journey of the Last Nomads of Turkey: From Konya to Mersin

The last nomadic community in Turkey, the Sarıkeçili Yörüks, who spend the summer months in the region known as the "summer pasture" in the Central Anatolia Region, have embarked on a journey with their camels to reach their winter homes after a six-month stay in Konya.

The Sarıkeçili Yörüks are a nomadic people who have been living in Turkey for centuries. 

Spending the summer months in Konya and Karaman due to its cool plateaus, Yoruks are taking the road to Mersin, where the temperate climate is effective with the arrival of winter.

Approximately 250 Sarıkeçili Yörüks are resisting the passage of time, striving to preserve their traditions despite all difficulties. Having spent six months in the summer pasture in the Hadım district of Konya, the nomads set out in early November with 200 goats and camels to reach their winter pasture.

Before the difficult journey, Sarıkeçilis, who dismantle the tents they know and prepare dough bread, cheese and yoghurt, are walking the hilly roads of the Taurus with their camels and goats, which are their only means of livelihood.

During the summer months, the Sarıkeçili Yörüks live in the highland pastures of Central Anatolia. They raise sheep, goats, and camels, and they live in tents. In the winter, they move to the lowlands, where they live in houses.