Saturday, 02 December 2023
Add Color to Ramadan Table with Konya's Special Dishes

Add Color to Ramadan Table with Konya's Special Dishes

In Konya, iftar dinners are carefully prepared for those who fast during Ramadan. The combination of different flavors on the iftar table has become a special tradition of the Ramadan month. This year, you can add color to your iftar dinners with a menu consisting of special dishes from the Konya region during Ramadan.

With the arrival of the Ramadan month, there is a great opportunity for those who want to create a menu inspired by Konya's rich cuisine. This menu, filled with the unique flavors of Konya, includes dishes suitable for everyone's palate.

Konya cuisine is a reflection of the historical and cultural richness of Anatolia. Konya region dishes, which carry typical features of Central Anatolia, are made by combining meat, legumes, and grains. Some of the special dishes from the Konya region include:

Main course: Konya cuisine is famous for its meat dishes. You can choose from options such as lamb in tandoori, stuffed meatballs, Meat Bread, Oven Kebab, and Pastrami Dry Beans, one of Konya's most famous dishes, which is often preferred and has an amazing taste. You can serve it with rice or bulghur pilaf.

Soup: Tarhana Soup or Kesme Soup, both beloved soups of Konya cuisine, can be an ideal option to start this menu.

Meat-stuffed grape leaves: Grape leaves stuffed with meat is a traditional dish made in many regions of our country.

Haricot bean salad: Made with white beans, onion, and parsley, this delicious salad is one of the most popular appetizers in Konya. Low in fat and filling, Haricot bean salad can be a good option for iftar.

Dessert: Konya cuisine is also famous for its desserts. For a Ramadan menu, you can choose Konya's famous tahini-based dessert, sekerpare (small cakes with syrup), or the sweet pudding-like dessert called Zerde.

This Ramadan menu consisting of Konya cuisine dishes will add flavor to your iftar tables. You can find these dishes on our page.