Saturday, 02 December 2023
Anatolia's pizza

Anatolia's pizza "Yağ Somunu"

Yağ Somunu, which is a traditional taste in the food culture of Konya, has become an indispensable flavor extending from the Ottoman period to the present day as the "pizza of Anatolia".The Yağ Somunu, which leaves a unique taste on the palate with its taste, is prepared with many varieties upon request.

Buttered Yağ Somunu, which is a traditional taste in Konya, continues to attract attention by citizens who come to the morning prayer especially at breakfasts after the exit of the mosque. 27-year-old Sami Ortaabacı, who started his father's profession as a 4th generation on the basis of curiosity in bakery, offers this flavor to his customers every morning with his brother Nadir Ortaabacı. The brothers, who comes to the oven in the early hours and prepares the dough of the Yağ Somunu, then prepares the oven and opens the prepared dough one by one. According to the wishes of the citizens, the brothers prepare 15 different kinds of fat loaves such as bacon, sausage, roasted, moldy cheese, honey and cheese and throw them into the oven.


"We want our foreign guests to taste it too" Explaining that the Yağ Somunu leaves a unique taste on the palate with its taste, Sami Ortaabaci said, "The oil nut is a flavor that extends from the Ottoman period to the present day. Now we have a nice meal consumed by today's citizens. We want our foreign guests, not only from Konya but also from outside Konya, to taste it."

Ortaabacı, who explained the preparation stage of the fat loaf, which is a traditional taste in the food culture in Konya, said, "The dough is kneaded for the flavor fat loaf from the Ottoman period, and after the dough kneading process, we leave it to rest for 2 hours. Once it rests and swells, we open the dough, sprinkle it with sesame seeds and put it in the oven. Once it has swelled in the oven we remove the bread and open the gap. Then, whatever will be in the fat loaf is butter, cheddar, moldy cheese, sausage, bacon, according to preference, butter on top of the roast and ready to serve.

We are making oil nuts for industrial tradesmen here. Yağ Somunu from the old ones were made in stoves. Today, we diversify it into moldy cheese, cheddar, sausage, bacon, roasting and serve it to our tradesmen here. Especially with the approach of the winter months, the demand for Yağ Somunu has increased. Our artisans who come after the morning prayer do not go without tasting this flavor. The special feature of this is that it is actually done here until noon after the morning prayer."

Ortaabaci said, "Our young people who come here to Konya for university come and wonder about the fat loaf with moldy cheese. He gets full marks from them as well. It feels very different to them at first. They call it the closed state of pizza. The thoughts of our foreign guests have always been positive."