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Gullac: A Beloved Ramadan Dessert

Gullac: A Beloved Ramadan Dessert

Gullac (Pastry With Milk And Rose Water) is a delicious and refreshing dessert that is particularly popular in Turkey, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. This light and delicate dessert is made with thin layers of pastry that are soaked in sweetened milk and sprinkled with crushed pistachios.


Although Gullac is enjoyed throughout Turkey, it is especially beloved in the city of Konya, where it has become an iconic part of the local culinary tradition. During Ramadan, Konya's restaurants and sweet shops are filled with Gullac lovers who eagerly wait to savor this delightful dessert after their long day of fasting.


The preparation of Gullac is relatively simple. First, the pastry sheets are briefly soaked in a mixture of warm milk and sugar, which softens them and infuses them with sweetness. The softened pastry is then layered in a serving dish and sprinkled with a generous amount of crushed pistachios. 


500 gr of rice wafers

2 liters of milk

500 of granulated sugar

100 ml of rose water

250 gr of crushed walnuts

100 gr of ground peanuts

200 gr of pomegranate seeds


Boil the sugar with milk in a saucepan.

When it warms, add the rose water and stir.

Add half of the milk to a wide tray.

Soften the phyllo and turn them upside down.

Place each of the phyllo on the tray.

Add half a scoop of sugared milk between them and sprinkle with crushed walnuts.

Prepare all the phyllo in the same way.

Add the remaining milk and let it rest.

Slice in portions.

Garnish with green pistachio and pomegranate seeds and serve.