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Recipe for Konya's Special Liver Dish

Recipe for Konya's Special Liver Dish

The dish called " Liver Dish" is a special meal specific to Konya, Turkey. It consists of thinly sliced liver and onions, sautéed with tail fat or oil and seasoned with salt, black pepper, and parsley for added flavor. " Liver Dish" is typically enjoyed during breakfast or lunch.


"Liver Dish" is a highly popular dish in Konya, Turkey. Numerous restaurants in Konya specialize in preparing this delicacy. It is relatively easy to make " Liver Dish." However, to create a delicious version, fresh and thinly sliced liver should be used. The onions should also be thinly chopped and thoroughly sautéed with tail fat or oil. After seasoning with salt, black pepper, and parsley, the dish is served hot.

"Liver Dish" is one of Konya's most beloved dishes. If you happen to visit Konya, we highly recommend trying this delightful meal.


1 sheep or lamb liver

1 cup of melted tail fat or butter

2 onions (diced)                       

1 teaspoon of salt

For Dressing:

1 dessertspoon of black pepper                        

1 cup of parsley (minced)


Chop the liver thinly with a knife.

In a pan, fry the oil and onion, add this mixture on the liver and sprinkle with salt. Cook until it reabsorbs the oil.

Put it on a plate and sprinkle with black pepper and parsley, then serve.