Thursday, 07 December 2023
The Unique Flavor of Konya: Anatolian Pizza

The Unique Flavor of Konya: Anatolian Pizza

During the Ottoman period, a food known as "yağ somunu" was given to soldiers. This food has now become a traditional food in Konya and is often referred to as the "Anatolian pizza" due to its delicious taste.



Sami Ortaabacı, describing the unique taste of "yağ somunu," mentioned, "People used to come from out of town for Etliekmek (meat bread), and now they also come for yağ somunu. Since we are in the industrial zone, everyone in the industry, whether they are masters, apprentices, or workers, enjoys yağ somunu."



Yağ somunu, a traditional taste in Konya, continues to be popular among the locals, especially during breakfasts.



Sami Ortaabacı, a fourth-generation baker, who followed in his father's footsteps, started his journey into baking due to his passion. At the age of 28, he arrives at the bakery early in the morning to prepare the dough for yağ somunu and individually rolls out each piece of dough. Yağ somunu comes in 15 different varieties, such as pastrami, sausage, roast meat, blue cheese, honey, cheese, and more, tailored to the preferences of the customers. These yağ somunu varieties are then placed in the oven for baking.




Sami Ortaabacı, explaining the preparation process of yağ somunu, a traditional delicacy in Konya's culinary culture, said, "Yağ somunu dates back to the Ottoman era when it was served to Ottoman soldiers as a meal. It has evolved and diversified over time. In yağ somunu, you can find variations like cheese, blue cheese, roast meat, and sausage. Additionally, we offer a variety of options based on customer preferences, including roast meat, sausage, and vegetable fillings, among others. After the dough goes through a specific resting period, it's ready for rolling out. Once rolled out, we customize it according to our customer's preferences and the different varieties we offer."