Thursday, 18 July 2024
The Cast of the TV series “Gönül Dagı” met with students in Konya

The Cast of the TV series “Gönül Dagı” met with students in Konya

A panel discussion was organized by the Faculty of Communication at Selçuk University with the cast of the television series “Gönül Dagı”.

Screenwriter Ali Asaf Elmas stated, “The main purpose of the TV series project was to bring out the hidden talents in Anatolia and support the technological leap. We know that television is a very effective tool in this regard. The essence of the project is the steppe, and we believe that there are many talents inherent in the steppe. Of course, the project is a multi-layered work in itself; especially, we presented our own drama belonging to this country. We believe that we have achieved this in the ‘Gönül Dagı’ series. It's a collective effort; we are a whole, and we are happy.”

Ulviye Karaca, who plays the character of Gülsüm Teacher in the series, addressed the students and said, “You are the beneficiaries of the Republic’s achievements. This is a beautiful university and campus. You are all being equipped with valuable educators here. You will become professional, and you will pass on what you have learned. Teaching and teachers are both very valuable concepts. Learning and teaching are never-ending. I wish you all success on the path of lifelong learning.”

Actor Feyza Işık celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Faculty of Communication and wished success to the students. Producer Ferhat Eşsiz, screenwriter Ali Asaf Elmas, and actors Hüseyin Sevimli, Feyza Işık, Ulviye Karaca, Ege Aydan, and Eser Eyüpoğlu answered the students’ questions.

At the end of the program, the speakers who participated in the discussion were presented with gifts and plaques, including the actors from the TRT series “Gönül Dagı.”