Friday, 01 December 2023
250 Whirling Dervishes Performed Sama Simultaneously in Konya

250 Whirling Dervishes Performed Sama Simultaneously in Konya

The 20th International Konya Mystic Music Festival, which is part of the Turkey Culture Road Festival organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, began with a Sama ceremony performed simultaneously by 250 whirling dervishes in Mevlana Square. 

During the opening program held at Mevlana Square, the "Halvet-i Devranı" prayer and dhikr program led by artist Ahmet Özhan and organized by the Foundation for Research and Preservation of Turkish Sufi Music and Folklore garnered significant interest. 


At the conclusion of the program, Konya experienced yet another of its most special moments. With 250 whirling dervishes simultaneously performing the Sama ceremony, the spiritual atmosphere was deeply felt. Thousands of attendees, both from Konya and outside, followed the program with great interest. 

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur Ibrahim Altay expressed great joy at feeling the spiritual atmosphere that emerged among the citizens who attended the program at Mevlana Square. 


The Sama ceremony, performed with the participation of 250 whirling d