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Konyalım Song of the Famous Singer Is Popular Again

Konyalım Song of the Famous Singer Is Popular Again

“Konyalım” song, which was released in 1999 by Nadide Sultan from Konya, one of the most popular singers of a period, went viral again. The song rose to 3rd place in the "Turkey viral" list on the world-famous spotify digital music platform.

Nadide Sultan came to the fore again with the song "Konyalım", which she released in 1999. On the world-famous spotify digital music platform, the wind of Nadide Sultan's song "Konyalım", which she sang many years ago, is blowing.


Anonymous folk song is on the 3rd place on spotify Turkey viral list. Drawing attention with the rise of the song on the digital platform after 23 years, Nadide Sultan said, "The importance of music lovers on the digital platform for the music world is understood once again. I would also like to thank all the listeners who listened to this beautiful song from me and brought it to the 3rd place in the viral list.”

Who is Nadide Sultan?

Nadide Sultan, originally from Konya, was born in Istanbul on November 15, 1976. Nadide Sultan, who completed her primary, secondary and high school education at Idealtepe Primary School, Fenerbahçe Secondary School and High School, was interested in music in those years. She performed in different places with the music group they founded after high school. She also performed as backing singer for Emel Sayın, Altay, Coşkun Sabah and Fatih Ürek. The artist, who has seven albums, also played in the 2001 TV series Çifte Bela, where she played the leading role with Ayşe Tolga. She hosted the programs Anadolu Magazin on TGRT and Renkli Bir Gece on Kanal 1. Returning to her university education, which she left unfinished since 2009, the artist graduated from Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music Voice Education Department in 2011.

In 2012, she released the album Hayat Asktan with the TMC. In this album, Nadide met her fans with a simple and acoustic sound. Continuing her education, Nadide completed her master's degree in Turkish Music at Haliç University in 2014 and is currently doing her doctorate in Turkish Music at Haliç University. The artist, who brought together her digital single "Anlayan Anlar", the composition of which belongs to her, to the listeners last year, presented her second single "Vazgeç Kalbim" in 2014, and finally her third single "Kalbimin Sahibi" in 2016. Nadide Sultan is married to the famous advertising and film director Hakan Yonat.