Monday, 04 March 2024
Konya’s Youth Festival Concludes with Record-Breaking Attendance

Konya’s Youth Festival Concludes with Record-Breaking Attendance

The Youth Festival, organized by the district municipality of Seydişehir in the Konya province, ended on its third day. The festival, which broke the audience record with the participation of 60,000 people in one go, was marked by the Semicenk Concert on its last day.


On the final day of the Youth Festival held from August 18th to 20th at the National Will Square in Seydişehir district of Konya, Bilal Sonses, Kurtuluş Kuş-Burak Bulut, and Semicenk took the stage, with Semicenk leaving a lasting impression.


On the third day of the festival, local artist Sami Çelik took the stage first, captivating the audience with his wonderful pieces.


Renowned artist Semicenk delivered an unforgettable evening to the people of Seydişehir with his well-known songs like "Düşer Aklıma", "Pişman Değilim", and "Herkes Gibisin". Thousands of people joined in singing along to his performances.


Before the Semicenk concert, Seydişehir Mayor Mehmet Tutal presented thank-you plaques to the businesspeople who provided sponsor support for the festival.


Mayor Mehmet Tutal thanked the renowned artist Semicenk, who provided the youth with an unforgettable night, and presented a gift as a token of appreciation.