Monday, 04 March 2024
Sound of Konya

Sound of Konya

Konya is home to two distinct genres of music: Konya folk songs, which are a distilled version of Turkish culture with their unique mannerisms, and Mevlevi music, which is a superb example of Anatolian Sufism.


The rhythm of the bağlama and spoons when listening to Konya folk songs, evokes the sound of our ancestors' galloping horses arriving in Anatolia. These unique Konya folk songs embrace and transport you to a world of experiences in an instant.


Sufism, which arrived in Anatolia with the Seljuks, was spread throughout Anatolia by the disciples of Hodja Ahmet Yesevi and took root in institutions such as Mevlevi, Bektashi, and Ahi Orders. Mevlevi, headquartered in Konya, has perhaps been the most active, developing, and teaching institution of Sufi music. The Sufi ritual of sema is performed to the accompaniment of Sufi music. The movements of the dervishes represent the motion of the universe, while the Sufi music symbolizes its sound.


While listening to this deeply affecting music, you can embark on an inner journey and become a guest on the path to perfection alongside the dervishes.