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What is Barana?

What is Barana?

Barana, which is a traditional cultural element that generally provides social solidarity between young people and adults and is basically based on conversation and entertainment, has the same name in different regions of Turkey, but differs in terms of performance customs, sociocultural environment and performance venues.

Baranas are referred to by a name determined by their founders or the people who make up the barana. (Yârenler Barana, Sedirler Barana, etc.) Those who join the barana must avoid situations, actions and behaviors that will harm the reputation of the barana they are in.

If one of the people in the barana behaves unpleasantly in society or in the barana, according to the rules, he is expelled from the barana, excluded and that person is not given a place in any barana in that village or town.

Barana meetings were generally held on a certain day of the month or week, but today they are held more suddenly by determining the time and inviting a limited number of people.

Freer spaces and environments such as vineyards or country houses in districts such as Meram, Dere and Sille are preferred (in the towns and villages of Konya’s centre, especially in the villages and towns known as “plain villages” of Konya, within the spaces determined by Nebî Özdemir). The “village chambers” in some villages and towns such as Göçü, Yarma, Karakaya, Sakyatan, Ova Kavağı, Kargın, Şatır, Ayrıoğlu, Divanlar etc. are also called “barana rooms” and serve as indispensable venues for barana meetings.

The guests can start sitting with religious and historical conversations according to sociocultural structure. Then, the invited musicians or people who are prone to musical instruments in the barana make the atmosphere fun by playing various musical instruments such as saz, oud, baglama and qanun. Music, which is an essential element of these entertainment nights, varies according to the wishes of the people. It is seen that “improvisation” is effective in the folk songs performed. But the main ones are local folk songs. After the folk songs are sung, games are played, and the fun continues until midnight. After the entertainment ends, the meal is eaten on the floor. The traditional barana meal usually includes soup, tirit, rice with meat, okra, höşmerim, compote, etc. There are food and beverages. Nowadays, the treats are generally tea, coffee, nuts, fruit, raw meatballs, and arabaşı soup in winter. 

The meal ends with a prayer. The owner of the house is thanked with a folk song called “Sohbet övme” and the guests leave.

Barana is an organization generally formed by young people who are stepping into adulthood.