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The heart of nature, Derebucak

The heart of nature, Derebucak

Derebucak is a cave paradise, cave lovers should definitely visit this place, but there is one thing that should not be forgotten, only professional cavers can enter these caves, so it is not possible for amateur cave enthusiasts to visit these magnificent caves.




District: It is on the Beyşehir-Antalya highway. The distance between Derebucak and Konya: 140 km. Distance between Derebucak and Ibradı: 45 km. Distance from Derebucak to Beyşehir: 46 km. The distance between Derebucak and Seydişehir is 49 km.




The foundation years of the district coincide with the Anatolian Seljuk period. In 1912-1926, Derebucak and the surrounding villages were separated from Akseki and İbradı and connected to Seydişehir. In the first years of the Republic: In official records about Akseki, Derebucak is sometimes written as Dereköy. Derebucak is written in official records about Seydişehir. It is always referred to as Derebucak in records after the 1930s.


It is located in the Mediterranean region and between the Taurus Mountains. The average altitude from the sea is 1240 meters. Due to its height above the sea, the Mediterranean climate does not dominate. Therefore: there is a continental transitional climate. Accordingly, summers are hot and dry, and winters are cold and snowy. The economic activities of the district, until the 1960s: hunting rifle manufacturing, agriculture, animal husbandry and carpet weaving. Shotgun manufacturing and carpet weaving continued until 1968. However, when immigration to Europe started in 1965, the cooperatives established in this regard shrank in time and then closed. Today, the main economic activity is agriculture and animal husbandry.