Saturday, 20 July 2024
Goal: Promoting the “Konya Model Municipality” Worldwide

Goal: Promoting the “Konya Model Municipality” Worldwide

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur Ibrahim Altay met with students from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences as part of the "University Meetings" organized in collaboration with the Metropolitan Youth Council and Selçuk University.

Mayor Altay said, "The world needs a change. I don't know if we can see it, but I believe that you will make it happen. I believe in your ability to create change, not just witness it. I want to emphasize this, especially. Because change and transformation require strong leadership. Turkey is a leading country in its region, both in terms of its economy, human resources, and its recent advances in the defense industry, given its geography."

Mayor Altay highlighted that Konya is one of the most exceptional cities in the world, successfully maintaining urban life for approximately 10,000 years. He said, "Because some cities have risen to prominence at certain times but couldn't sustain their existence. In this regard, Konya is glorious. Civilization, which began with Çatalhöyük, recognized as the first settled city of humanity and listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, has continued in Konya from that day to the present. The process that started with Çatalhöyük continued with the Hittites, Romans, and Byzantines, but our most brilliant period was during the Seljuk era, and this city served as the capital from 1096 to 1308."

He expressed that with all these responsibilities, their primary goal is to explain both Konya and the "Konya Model Municipality," which they have referred to as a municipal model, first to the regional geography and then to the entire world.