Saturday, 20 July 2024
Incredible Accolades for the International Union Based in Konya

Incredible Accolades for the International Union Based in Konya

The 2nd Global Agriculture Forum organized by the International Union of Agricultural Cities (AGRICITIES), based in Konya, has begun with the participation of Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, İbrahim Yumaklı.


Minister Yumaklı, emphasizing the pride in incorporating services for agriculture and rural development through organizations like AGRICITIES, stated, "I hope that all cities around the world that understand the importance of agriculture become members of this platform, and knowledge and experience sharing are discussed on much broader platforms."


During the opening of the forum hosted by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, the President of the International Union of Agricultural Cities and Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, Uğur Ibrahim Altay, expressed gratitude to Mayor Mustafa Demir of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality for their hospitality and efforts.


President Altay stated that since its establishment in 2019, the International Union of Agricultural Cities has made intense efforts to enhance collaboration among municipalities and establish relationships with international members. He mentioned, "We have now become an association with 265 member municipalities from 18 countries. We are rapidly growing day by day because agriculture is currently the world's most important agenda. Keeping the Grain Corridor open is a reality that is being followed not only in the region but also worldwide."


President Altay also highlighted the significant risk that climate change poses to cities, emphasizing that it is a major concern for everyone. He mentioned, "If we specifically talk about Konya, it seems to be the city in Turkey that will be most affected by climate change. On one hand, we are fighting against drought, while the Black Sea region is grappling with heavy rainfall. We are also dealing with forest fires. Therefore, climate change is on the agenda for all of us. Important meetings will be held here for two days to address these issues."