Saturday, 20 July 2024
Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya Visits Konya

Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya Visits Konya

Ali Yerlikaya attended the Donator Dinner Program of the Selçuklu Autism Individuals Education Center (SOBE) held at the Selçuklu Congress Center.

Yerlikaya emphasized that the donors of the SOBE Foundation are heroes.

Yerlikaya stated, "Today, we take pride in SOBE, which originated as a social responsibility project by our Selcuklu Municipality in 2011. Everything started with this noble idea. The construction of the center was completed in 2014. Eight years ago, the Selcuklu Autism Individuals Education Foundation was established to sustain this educational center with voluntarism and dedication. Built on an area of ​​21 thousand square meters, which is now approaching 37 thousand, our foundation, which has the most comprehensive and largest center in Turkey in this field, continues its work with great sacrifice. Currently, our center serves 102 students. In the 6 classrooms it opened in Hatay, 30 autistic children are receiving education. The importance of such centers serving autistic children is increasing day by day."

Meanwhile, Yerlikaya visited Konyaspor Club. Here, some fans welcomed Minister Yerlikaya with torches and slogans.

Yerlikaya, who received information about the team from Konyaspor President Ömer Korkmaz, was presented with a jersey with his name written on it at the end of the visit.