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Leaders’ Thoughts About Konya

Leaders’ Thoughts About Konya

The President RecepTayyip Erdoğan;

It is different to live in Konya and to live Konya. Come and live Konya. It is possible to learn the aesthetics of that stonework in Ince Minaret, the delicacy of the lessons that lasted for centuries in the Karatay Madrasa, and the messages of the Seljuk sultans only by living. Such a city suits the grandchildren of Sultan Kılıçaslan, who shows us what can be achieved when fighting with faith and heart. Konya, which is home to many sultans of hearts, is completely different in this sense.

The Future (Gelecek) Party Leader Ahmet Davutoğlu;

With its imbued knowledge and wisdom, Konya constitutes the serenity of our civilization; as capital of the Seljuk Empire, the touchstone of our state tradition, a "hodja" ("professor") city simultaneously manifesting mind and soul. Anyone who studies under its mentorship attains a high level of mastery in terms of self-understanding.

The Democracy and Progress (Deva) Party Leader Ali Babacan;

I am very happy to have served in the past and hope to serve in the future to the ancient city of our Anatolia, Konya which is our country's culture and philosophy stop with Mevlana and Nasreddin Hodja, the starting point of humanity with Çatalhöyük, has numerous organized industrial zones and vast agricultural and fertile lands, is the capital of our state tradition and the Seljuks.

The Republican People’s Party (CHP) Leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu;

Konya, where Rumi, who expresses a high value for all humanity, lived and died, is a city of high glory and honor. Mevlana's spirituality continues to nourish Konya's moral climate. Values ​​like Rumi come to the world only once in a thousand years. How happy are my brothers from Konya that they are Rumi's fellow countrymen and neighbours.

The Good Party (IYI) Leader Meral Akşener;

Konya is the central city of both industry and farming. Konya is also the city of entrepreneurship, success and universities. Konya is the city of culture. Konya is the city of Rumi and Sadrettin Konevi. Konya is the capital city of Seljuks. Today, we are proud of Konya, which makes great contributions to our country with its agriculture, industry and universities. It raises its voice and success in every field and gives examples of success around the world.

The Felicity (Saadet) Party Leader Temel Karamollaoğlu;


Our leader Erbakan, started the national vision movement in Konya. In the elections in 1969, he ran as an independent candidate. The people in Konya supported him by voting enough for three deputies. Because of this, Konya has an important role in the national vision movement. We have never forgotten this and we will never forget.  


As you know, not only the politics but the economy and the industry are also really important in our movement. Erbakan started the first organized industrial zone in Konya for this reason. TÜMOSAN’s foundations were laid for this reason. Today, there are 5 organized industrial zones and TÜMOSAN is still ongoing and these are remarkable things to remind Erbakan. 

The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Leader Devlet Bahçeli;

Konya is a city of love, longing, fondness, abundance and great effort. Konya is nobility which resists injustice. Konya is a willpower which breaks off relations with unlawfulness. Konya is a shelter for oppressed people and a strong and powerful voice of Turkey. Konya is the home of Rumi. Konya is a heart and conscience joint of Şemsi Tebrizi and Sadrettin Konevi with full of science and knowledge. Konya is a history and a memento of ancestors. Konya was the capital city of Seljuks and the honour of Ottomans. If one looks for a clean conscience and a true faith, s/he should look at Konya. If one wants a heart which is able to overcome the carelessness, s/he should wander around Konya. Konya is the home for brotherhood and the starboard for peace and tranquillity. Konya is the main source of unity and togetherness.

And Konya is the apple of Turkish people eye.