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Minister Kurum: We Will Make Konya

Minister Kurum: We Will Make Konya

    Environment and Urbanization Minister Murat Kurum joined the opening ceremony of collective opening and groundbreaking of Mevlana Market and Altın Market transformation project, Alâeddin Street facade arrangement and Millet Garden projects which are jointly carried out by the Ministry and Konya Metropolitan Municipality. Stating that they have great dreams about Konya, Kurum uttered that ‘We will make Konya one of the most beautiful cities not only in Turkey but also in the world because this city deserves it. We will make Konya a brand city by preserving the Seljuk tradition and the Ottoman seal that permeates all the streets and avenues of Konya. Environment and Urbanization Minister Murat Kurum carried out the collective groundbreaking and opening programs of the investments jointly carried out by the Ministry and Konya Metropolitan Municipality. The Groundbreaking ceremony of the project to be built on the site of Mevlana Market, beginning of the Altın Market transformation project, opening of the first stage of the Alaaddin Street facade reconstruction and sapling planting in Konya National Garden, the construction of which started with the beginning of the second phase, were held at the program in the Selçuklu Congress Center.


    Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay stated in the ceremony that ‘Konya is one of the rare cities of Anatolia where people have been able to continue their lives since Çatalhöyük. Konya has always been an important city, but it lived its brightest period as a capital city for 200 years, starting with the 1071 Malazgirt Victory with Sultan Alparslan. Konya, where the root of the Seljuk plane tree is located, is an important city bearing the traces of a civilization written in history in golden letters. One of the most important symbols of this city is the mosque named after Sultan Alaaddin, one of the Anatolian Seljuk Sultans, who invited Rumi to Konya, and Alaaddin Hill, one of the first places that come to mind when Konya is mentioned. With the instructions of our Minister and the ILBANK grant, the first stage of Alâaddin Facade Renovation has been completed.we start the second stage now. In addition, the demolition of the Mevlana Market, which has been the subject of discussion since the day it was built and which stands like a set separating the Closed Bazaar and Aziziye Mosque from the Sultan Selim Mosque and Mevlana Square, was carried out. We will hold the groundbreaking ceremony now. We will also start the urban transformation today in the Altın Market in the same region. Thus, people who come to visit Rumi will continue their shopping in the bazaars worthy of Konya and the Seljuk capital, within the historical texture towards the Closed Bazaar after the tomb.


    Noting that beautiful millet gardens are being built in all cities on the orders of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, mayor Altay stated that ‘With its architecture, walking paths, sports fields and the mosque, Konya Milet Garden will be one of Turkey's most beautiful gardens. I wish our Millet Garden to be beneficial to our city. The projects we will open today will make a very important contribution to the future of Konya. On behalf of the people of Konya, I would like to thank our Minister Murat Kurum and everyone who contributed. Konya's 2023-2053 will be much more beautiful than today.’


    Environment and Urbanization Minister Murat Kurum said that

    They are working hard to bring Konya to a richer and more prosperous point in every field. Stating that they have laid the foundations of the investments to be made in the city with great enthusiasm, the Minister Kurum uttered that ‘We are enthusiastically laying the foundations of New Mevlana Square, Mevlana Market, and the Altın Market, which will combine the decoration of the Seljuk people, the Ottoman Bay windows and the modern touches of our Republic. We are realizing this historical and cultural project, which really excites all of us, all Konya and Rumi lovers, in a large area of 19.752 square meters. We start our landscaping works with ornamental pools, cut rock streets, wonderful urban furniture, parking garage and also the traces of our civilization next to our new shops in new Mevlana Market. We hope that people who come here will breathe not only a square, but also the atmosphere and spirit of a historical city center and witness a 1000-year accumulation of history and civilization.’


    Stating that they also started the Altın Market project, the Minister Kurum explained the details of the project and continued his speech as follows: ‘While laying the foundations of Mevlana Market, we are simultaneously starting the Altın Market transformation project in an area of 12,715 m2. Together with our Metropolitan Municipality and our tradesmen, we prepared an urban planning project that will keep the bazaar culture and the cause of ahi-order alive and smell history. Hopefully, there will be new memories in this place, which has hosted the most beautiful memories of tens of thousands of people from Konya, from the old Grape Bazaar years to when it was the Mevlana Market.’


    The Minister Kurum emphasized that they are rebuilding 99 historical squares in 44 different cities with the motto of historical fidelity and respect to the past. He also said that “one of the most important of these recovering projects is New Mevlana Square Project which is carried out for 60 thousand m2. When we finish this project, the visitors of Rumi will set on a cultural and historical journey starting from a large square. Our visitors will shop in the Mevlana Market and Altın Market. After that, they will be able to visit the gourmet street which includes the unique tastes of Konya cuisine, the covered bazaar, city museum and the hotels that will be constructed with caravansary architecture. Then, they will also visit Aziziye Mosque and Kapu Mosque and stop by the covered bazaar. The people who love Konya will witness the new form of Şükran neighbourhood. They will spend some time in Alaaddin Hill with its new features and they will drink their tea in Kültür Park. By walking from this point, they will go to Anıt Square and stop by Millet Garden and have a rest. When all these projects are completed, we will bring a culture, history and civilization valley in Konya that you can feel the Seljuks and Ottomans by only walking around”.


    The Minister Kurum stated that they have planted the first young trees into the Millet Garden which will replace the old stadium and continued his speech as “we are going to present the Millet Garden to our people in Konya. There will be tennis court, basketball court, chess group and play grounds for our children; coffee house for our young people, and pond, Turkish-Islamic Garden, bicycle lanes and walking trails for everyone. We are constructing this Millet Garden over a huge area of 108 thousand m2 with an investment value of 44,5 million TL. We hope to complete this project by August this year and put it into service for the youth and our people in Konya. We will also put a very beautiful mosque which will reflect our culture and civilization into service in Millet Garden. I hope people in Konya will enjoy the new garden and the new mosque will bring beauties to the city. 


    The Minister Kurum stated that the environmental facade renovation of all the buildings around Alaaddin Hill, which was the centre of government during Anatolian Seljuks, has been done in accordance with the historic fabric of Konya. He also said that “we have completed 60 independent parts at first. And now I hope we are starting to facade renovation of 40 buildings in the second part of Alaaddin Hill altogether. For both renovations through the provincial bank we have provided 46 million TL support. I hope we will complete the renovations in June this year and present it to our people in Konya and to the future of Konya. I would like to expressly thank to our metropolitan municipality mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay for his efforts with the one thousand years’ prays of our ancestors.   


    The Minister Kurum said that he has great dreams for Konya. He also said that “We will make Konya the most beautiful city not only in Turkey but also in the world because Konya deserves more than this. We are going to make it a brand city by preserving the Ottoman seal and Seljuks traditions that are hidden in all the streets and roads of Konya. I am grateful to the God for the chance of serving for this city and this spirituality once again. After the speeches, opening and groundbreaking ceremonies are performed online with Meram Mayor Mustafa Kavuş for the Millet Garden, with Selçuklu Mayor Ahmet Pekyatırmacı for the Alaaddin Facade renovations, and with Karatay Mayor Hasan Kılca for the projects of Mevlana Market and Altın Market.