Friday, 08 December 2023
Konya Excited for 2023:

Konya Excited for 2023: "Year of Mevlana" Declared

The circular issued by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on the celebration of 2023 as the "Year of Mevlana" was welcomed with joy in Konya, where the tomb of Mevlana is located.

Esin Çelebi Bayru, Vice President of the International Mevlana Foundation and grandson of Mevlana from the 22nd generation, told that they held a meeting with the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy on December 17, 2022 and that they shared their projects verbally.

This year marks Mevlana's 750th anniversary. Reminding that Reunion Anniversary International Commemoration Ceremonies will be held, Bayru said, "At the meeting, we explained that we have prepared many projects and that we need to spend this year to the fullest. We have informed them that we will give our projects in writing by visiting them in January."

"Our souls are hungry, we need to work hard to feed our souls with spirituality"

Çelebi stated that they met again with Minister Ersoy on January 17 and said, "We presented our calendar and event proposals at the meeting, it was a really full meeting. Many organizations were also invited. Our proposal was that the events be under the auspices of the Presidency. We are very pleased that our President has accepted this with a circular and it has been published in the Official Gazette."

Pointing out that everyone has a great responsibility in this process, Bayru said:

"Not only us, Konya, but all of Turkey, everyone who loves Hazrat Mevlana and has learned lessons from him on his own life has a duty this year. The door of our foundation is open to everyone, what can we do together? Let's think together, we would be very pleased if they have suggestions. Let them send us their suggestions and we can work together. I hope it will be an auspicious year. The world needs such beauties, it needs the words of Hazrat Mevlana. Rumi always took those words from the Qur'an and the hadiths and told us. Our souls are hungry, we have to work hard to feed our souls with spirituality."

A book is being prepared in which different aspects of Mevlana will be revealed

Selcuk University Mevlana Research Institute Deputy Director Dr. Olcay Kocatürk, 750. Vuslat said they expect the International Commemoration of the Anniversary to be a year that can be evaluated from different points of view.

Referring to the fact that different things can be done to get to know Mevlana more, Kocatürk said, "The events that constitute the most meaningful period of the year for Konya every year are instrumental in emphasizing more special and perhaps overlooked things on the 750th anniversary of Mevlana."

Kocatürk stated that in order to understand what Mevlana was like, it is important to be able to embark on a quest away from restrictive, narrowing and binding answers.

Pointing out that many programs were held within the scope of Şeb-i Arus activities, Kocatürk said, "In addition to the activities held within the scope of the ceremonies, we are planning to put forward a comprehensive book in which writers from many different branches will participate and different aspects of Mevlana will be revealed. Because what is recorded in writing is more permanent."