Thursday, 07 December 2023
Walking in the Footsteps of Rumi: Konya's 5th International Love and Peace Walk

Walking in the Footsteps of Rumi: Konya's 5th International Love and Peace Walk

On the occasion of the 795th anniversary of Rumi and his family's arrival from Karaman to Konya, the 5th International Love and Peace Walk will be held from April 27 to May 3, 2023.

On the occasion of the 795th anniversary of the arrival of Mevlana to Konya, the "5th International Love and Peace Walk" was organized in Karaman.

Governor of Karaman, Tuncay Akkoyun, said during the ceremony held at Hatuniye Madrasa before the walk that Mevlana has illuminated the paths for centuries like a lantern with his thoughts from the sea of hearts, words that come from his essence, and works that flow from his heart to his pen.

Akkoyun also conveyed that the words and teachings of Mevlana, which were written almost 8 centuries ago, engraved in hearts, and each of which is a fountain of wisdom, can only be explained by sincerity, love, and divine love. He added that "We have a great need to follow the teachings of Mevlana and his wisdom-filled life as an example for our own lives."

Esin Çelebi Bayru, the 22nd generation descendant of Mevlana, stated that on every visit to Konya, her father used to bring them to Karaman as well.

Bayru shared that she imagines the journey of Mevlana and how he came to Konya by passing through different places. She also mentioned that when they established the Konya branch of the foundation, they thought of organizing a walking program from Karaman to Konya, following the path that Mevlana might have taken. Two governors also expressed their support for this idea. "We started this walk and it will be our 5th walk this year. We couldn't do it for the past two years," she added.

Later on, Akkoyun and his delegation visited the historical Aktekke Mosque, where the coffins of Mümine Hatun, the mother of Mevlana, his brother Alaaddin Celebi, and their relatives are located.

Afterward, Governor Akkoyun presented a Turkish flag to Bayru, and then the walk began. The "5th International Love and Peace Walk," organized by the International Mevlana Foundation, will represent the symbolic reenactment of the arrival of Mevlana and his family from Karaman to Konya.

After the 6-day journey starting from Karaman, a symbolic welcoming ceremony will be held in Konya for the caravan that will reach the city.