Thursday, 23 May 2024
56th Presidential Cycling Tour highlighted the beauties of Konya and Turkey​​​​​​

56th Presidential Cycling Tour highlighted the beauties of Konya and Turkey​​​​​​

Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey, which is one of the most important traditional sports events, thrilled everyone this year once again. Spanish sportsman Jose Manuel Diaz Gallego has been the winner in the tour which started in Konya and ended in Kuşadası, Aydın. During the tour, the natural and historical beauties in Konya and Turkey came to the forefront. Also, Turkey has proven its experience in sports organizations one more time.   
The 56th of Presidential Cycling Tour, which is among the international organizations of Turkey and which has been held by Turkish Cycling Federation since 1963, started in Konya. The first stage was planned to be held in Nevşehir, Cappadocia. But due to the harsh weather conditions, it has been cancelled and replaced. As a result, the first two stages held in Konya.
The first two stages were in Konya. The third leg started in Beyşehir district of Konya and presented the natural beauties of Konya to the sports lovers. People in Konya and other cycling lovers showed a great interest in the tour. The winner has been the Spanish sportsman Jose Manuel Diaz Gallego from the team Delko.  
Erol Küçükbakırcı, the president of Turkish Cycling Federation, expressed his feelings about the 56th Presidential Cycling Tour and said that “Despite the pandemic, we had 8 great days without any delays. After the unexpected harsh weather conditions in Cappadocia, we had a quick decision and started the stage in Konya without any problems. As a result, we finished the tour in Kuşadası.  We are proud of the satisfaction of our guests here. We hope to meet again next year.”

Ömer Faruk Besli, the vice general manager of CEO Event which is the institution has been responsible for the organization of Turkey Presidential Cycling Tour in the last five years, made an analysis of the tour and uttered that “during the tour, we had different climates from Cappadocia to Kuşadası. For two months, we had to evaluate all details spontaneously. We constantly took care of different things such as putting up the tents, accreditation, accommodation and transportation. I would like to thank to my team and give my best wishes to each person one by one for their efforts. I hope we can organize this tour again next year and feel the proud of organizing such a tour again.” Besli, drew the attention that during the tour they had 3 doctors for covid-19 and also said that “we took all needed precautions for hygiene. We didn’t face with important cases except a few patients. So, I would also like to thank to our health care professionals.”  
Roland Hoffer, director of the 56th Presidential Cycling Tour assigned by The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), expressed that “I love Turkey and Turkish people very much. I try to learn more and more Turkish words. This is a different country. You also organize great events and have a difference. When we handle all the parts such as the hotels for accommodation, the organization, the race, and the hospitality together like the rings in the Olympics, there is the perfect job. I have had duties in Turkey for many times and I always leave Turkey with different feelings.”