Monday, 04 March 2024
Absolute success means being Champion

Absolute success means being Champion

Tümosan Konyaspor Club President Fatih Özgökçen made some statements. Here are some important statements of Özgökçen;

•Third place is not the ultimate success for us. The ultimate success for Konyaspor means being the champion.”

• Ticket prices were not calculated on an amount that would generate profit for Konyaspor.

• This is a visual show and it must be done in accordance with the rules. “It’s not much, but we’re tightening our belts a little bit, otherwise we won’t be able to make these transfers.”

• Approximately 70 million lira of our tax debts were not restructured. It was also structured for the long term. Therefore, a debt of over 300- 350 million was restructured.

• Combined and match ticket prices will not decrease. It will even increase in some matches. However, we can give discounts to those who buy combined tickets as a family.

• The combined tickets purchased by the management will be sold to tradesmen in Konya industry. This will be an incentive for them to come to the matches.

• If our fans at least come to the matches and support us, we will be happy and Konyaspor will be more successful.

• The main goal is to be in the top 10, but I think our squad has the capacity to go above that.