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Horse Breeding in Konya: Ereğli-İvriz

Horse Breeding in Konya: Ereğli-İvriz

It is said that the horse keeper of the nomad leader who first conquered the steppe in the Seljuk era settled in Ahırlı district of Konya and the name Ahırlı originated from this. After the conquest of Anatolia, Ahırlı served as a military center and stable where horses were bred and kept, especially during the Crusades when the Turkish Seljuks fought against the Crusader herds attacking Anatolia from Cyprus and Alanya. The stables where horses were raised were located on the road near the Old Mosque (Aşagıoluk and Hansıdı). The district also served the same purpose during the Karamanid period. Sülek Plateau, 25 km from Ahırlı, was known to be a place where horses were bred for the army during the Ottoman era due to its cool climate, rich vegetation, and water sources.

According to Ottoman records from the end of the 1400s, the town of Imrenler, which was part of the Hüyük district of Konya, was reported to be a region where horses were raised for the Ottoman army because it had favorable pastures and water sources for horse breeding.

In recent years, as the need for horses for war, agriculture, and travel has decreased, horses have become less of a necessity and more of a luxury and a form of sport.

Ereğli district in Konya, one of the important centers in Turkey for horse breeding since ancient times, still hosts horses that win in big races. Eighteen out of around 90 private horse farms in Turkey are located in Ereğli. The Ereğli-İvriz region is preferred for horse farms. The region stands out in horse breeding due to its large pastures, proximity to water sources, and clean air. Foals are raised and prepared for races in these farms until they are 1.5-2 years old.

Located on the Konya-Aksaray road, 10 km away from Konya, the Konya Hippodrome was established in 2003. Every year, traditional local horse races are held here to improve horsemanship and preserve the love of horses. After the completion of advanced stage works, it is expected that the hippodrome will be able to host national horse races.