Thursday, 23 May 2024
New Water Sports Alternative in Konya

New Water Sports Alternative in Konya

In the district of Karapınar in Konya, at Lake Acıgöl, during the summer season, some of the citizens are swimming in the lake while others are engaged in water sports such as paddleboarding.



Lake Acıgöl within the borders of the Karapınar district stood out as the most visited natural attraction for those who want to swim and have picnics.



Due to its prominent location along a significant route, Lake Acıgöl, which is also a focal point for numerous domestic tourists, has become a popular destination for foreign tourists who come to camp. Particularly during sunset, picturesque views emerge at Lake Acıgöl, and the individuals engaged in paddleboarding also draw attention.



Şadi Balıkçı, who takes a stroll on the lake on a surfboard during sunset, highlighted that Lake Acıgöl is highly suitable for engaging in this sport. He stated, "In recent years, there has been a significant interest in this sport, and it has become one of the popular activities. Paddleboarding, which is among the favored water sports during the summer season, can be practiced in various water environments such as lakes, seas, and rivers. It can serve both as a sport and a leisurely activity. Experiencing this on Lake Acıgöl was truly wonderful. This sport could be promoted and expanded here."