Thursday, 18 July 2024
Paragliding from Aksaray to Konya

Paragliding from Aksaray to Konya

In the World Paragliding Championship hosted by Aksaray, athletes took off from the course on Hasan Mountain and flew all the way to Karapınar district in Konya.


Aksaray's Hasan Mountain is hosting the 2023 World Cup for Paragliding. In this event, which attracted 120 athletes from 40 countries, the participants took flight from Hasan Mountain and glided all the way to the skies of Karapınar in Konya, eventually landing in an area near Göktepe.



Karapınar Mayor Mehmet Yaka expressed that they witnessed the athletes' landings and stated, "A beautiful visual spectacle unfolded. It was important for promoting our district's atmosphere and the paragliding area of Göktepe. We find these kinds of events successful in promoting our district, and I wish the competitors success."


The participants themselves mentioned that they were impressed by the nature, wind, and atmosphere of the area where they landed, as well as the beauty of Hasan Mountain.