Saturday, 20 July 2024
Record Sports Investment from Karatay

Record Sports Investment from Karatay

The significance of sports in Konya is on the rise, and the district of Karatay plays a pivotal role in this upward trajectory as it undertakes its largest-budget investment in history. 

Spearheaded by the Karatay Municipality, this colossal facility promises not only to benefit the district but also to make substantial contributions to the national sports scene.

Karatay Mayor Hasan Kılca, along with members of the Karatay Municipality Council, inspected the ongoing investments being carried out by the municipality on site.

Mayor Hasan Kılca stated, "We will transform the district with new visions and collectively raise the standard and service quality much higher. Our goal is to contribute to Karatay finding a beautiful place among the most livable areas."

As part of the inspection program, Mayor Hasan Kılca and the municipal council members examined several new additions to Karatay, including the Karatay Sports Center, Karatay Mevlana Rose Park, the Indoor Tennis Court, the 24-classroom Karatay Municipality Osman Benliler Primary School, Karatay Ali Ulvi Kurucu Youth Center, Karatay Cultural Center, HOŞKUBBE, and the Karatay Nature School.

The council members, who had the opportunity to examine various significant investments and projects throughout the district by the Karatay Municipality, thanked Mayor Hasan Kılca for the investments and services designed to meet all the needs of the citizens.