Thursday, 23 May 2024
The World U21 Karate Championship in Konya

The World U21 Karate Championship in Konya

The World U21 Karate Championship will be held in Konya with the participation of one thousand 859 athletes from 105 countries. Konya, which hosts the Islamic Solidarity Games, will host karatecs this time. The World U21 Karate Championship will be heldat the KarataySports and Congress Center between October 26-30 with the support of Konya Metropolitan Municipality. One thousand 859 athletes from 105 countries will sweat in the organization. A launch program was held at a hotel ahead of the championship, which starts tomorrow. World Karate Federation President Antonio Espinos, Turkish Karate Federation President Aslan Abid Uğuz and Konya Youth and Sports Provincial Director Abdurrahman Şahin attended the program.

Stating that every country wants to take organizations around the world and across Europe, but it is very difficult to get them and to do them properly after receiving them, Turkish Karate Federation President Aslan Abid Uğuz said, "Fortunately, this year is our 4th international organization in our country. We held the European Senior Championship in Gaziantep. Islamic Solidarity Games were again in Konya. We have achieved successful results in karate. Last month in Kocaeli, there was a World Championship championship in which more than one thousand 200 athletes participated. Again we got full marks from there. We have organized the biggest organization of karate sport here with 105 countries and one thousand 850 athletes. In these organizations, organizational success is as important as sporting success. The World Karate Federation also said that it is a really well-organized organization, that it has received full marks. They specifically stated that it was 1st class. As a country that directs world karate, we, as Turkey, are candidates for the board and chairman election to be held here today. Hopefully, with a result we expect from here, we will come out as 1st in the overall ranking and the number of gold medals both in candidacy and in the championships that will start tomorrow. Our athletes are really well prepared. They have been camping at high altitude in Erzurum for 45 days. Both physically and mentally, 4 psychological counselors will continue to support them during the camp and here. I am sure that with the prayer of our nation, we will write a victory and a history in karate again."

Stating that they are proud to host another major World Championship after the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games, Konya Youth and Sports Provincial Director Abdurrahman Şahin said, "I would like to welcome the federation officials and athletes of all countries before the President of the World Karate Federation who came to our city on the occasion of this championship. I would like to express my pleasure to welcome them to our city. In particular, the awarding of European and World championships to countries by international committees takes place at the end of a great struggle. The World U21 Karate Championship, which we launched here today, is a championship that has been brought to our country and our city as a result of a great struggle that lasted for several years. I would like to thank our federation president, board members and everyone who contributed to bringing this championship to our country and city."

Antonio Espinos, President of the World Karate Federation, who expressed that he was very happy to be in Konya, said, "This is not the first time I am in Konya, this is my third time. I was in Konya at the Islamic Solidarity Games in August. I had the opportunity to meet with the city authorities, I really thank them very much for their support. I have been here for 2 days and I think all the efforts of the Karate Federation are very good. I would like to thank President Aslan and Turkish karate for all their support. People from more than 100 countries, various continents are here. Almost 2,000 athletes, nearly 100 referees, hundreds of coaches, hundreds of competitors really show the universality of karate. I'm looking forward to the start of the matches."