Saturday, 02 December 2023
“We surely want to continue our success”

“We surely want to continue our success”

Fatih Özgökçen, the President of İttifak Holding Konyasport Club, has evaluated the latest successful performance of Konyasport.
Özgökçen thinks that the successful performance they have obtained at the beginning of the season is related to family-like bounds in the team. He stated that “we are aiming to go on the league without any loses in the following weeks. We want to enhance our good performance and result through the whole season. Not the start but the end of the season is more important. We surely want to continue our success”.

While expressing that Konyasport gives a lot of importance to youth setup, Özgökçen said that in various sport schools all over Turkey, young players are being prepared for Konyasport.
Özgökçen called for the supporters and said that “when we will be able to make our stadium full under the pandemic conditions, I strongly believe that no team can beat us here. We always give advice to our footballers about fighting till the last second. They can win or lose. The most important thing is the struggle and the reason for this. For the first 4 weeks they have managed to do it. I would like to thank to our coach İlhan Palut and his team for their devoted work”.