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Aerial intelligence wars

Aerial intelligence wars

The Peace Eagle, which has been in the inventory since 2014, can be seen in the skies of Konya. The AWACS aircraft, which intrigues the people of Konya with its appearance, is known as our 'eye in the air'. The capabilities of the aircraft serving in the 131st Airborne Early Warning and Control (HIK) Command of Konya 3rd Main Jet Base do not end with counting. During the flight, the 'leading force' of the Turkish Armed Forces identifies and photographs elements that are miles away in Turkey and beyond.

The Peace Eagle, the apple of the Turkish Air Force's eye, glides over the skies of Konya almost every day. The people of Konya who see the AWACS are in curiosity… Some are obsessed with the sight of it, some are obsessed with the subtle sound it makes during low flight… The command and control aircraft of the F-16s, which are eyes and ears in the air and can manage more than one fleet at the same time, are used in counter-terrorism operations. used extensively.



AWACS aircraft are Radar aircraft ordered from the USA in 2004. When we look at the Turkish meaning of AWACS, the definition of 'Early Warning and Control' comes to mind. These aircraft, the 'leading power' of the Turkish Armed Forces, were turned into a 'Flying Radar' after the necessary modernization of Boeing 737 type aircraft.

The HİK aircraft does not leave any security gap in the airspace by going to the operation area at the earliest from 10 thousand meters and leaving last. When 4 AWACS aircraft, named North, South, East and West, take off at the same time, they detect elements in Turkish airspace 800 kilometers away from the border.



At the NATO Heads of State and Government Summit held in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, the "South" HİK aircraft, departing from Konya, made 2 sorties and successfully completed the surveillance and control over the Warsaw skies for a total of 23 hours.



While the aircraft is operating at an altitude of 30,000 feet, it can detect and photograph all air and sea elements 500 kilometers away.

However, when the aircraft rises above 30,000 feet and under conditions, it can see and detect and diagnose targets approximately 800 kilometers away. AWACS, which can perform its duties and activities in the air for 18 hours with full reinforcement, crew and equipment, can work with 19 personnel.

The other main features of the aircraft, which have the ability to refuel other aircraft in the air and to dispose of excess fuel, are as follows:


– It can transfer the air and sea elements it displays to the necessary command centers or directly to the glass of the F-16s with the LINK method.

– There are 'Mission Radar', 'Friend/Foe Recognition System', 'Radio and Data Link' prompts on the aircraft.

– AWACS aircraft are used by two pilots.