Saturday, 20 July 2024
Konya's Global Giant Brand Unveils and Tests New Motor

Konya's Global Giant Brand Unveils and Tests New Motor

TÜMOSAN, which manufactures diesel engines and tractors in Konya, tested its domestically produced engine with a PHASE-V emission level at TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey). After approval, all tractors will be released into the market with PHASE 5 emission standards.


For the past 38 years, TÜMOSAN, a global giant brand in tractor manufacturing based in Konya, has started testing its newly developed engine, which is created using domestic resources, at TUBITAK RUTE laboratories.



The emission test experiments for the engine with PHASE-V emission level, produced by TÜMOSAN, have begun at TUBITAK RUTE laboratories. The engine, manufactured entirely using domestic resources, will enter the market after successfully completing the tests in accordance with European standards, competing with its rivals. It is worth noting that the engine, which has a PHASE-V emission level, has a power output of 125 power and has been developed entirely with domestic capabilities.



TÜMOSAN is Turkey's first diesel engine manufacturer and has been producing diesel engines for tractors under the same brand name.



Originally headquartered in Ankara, the company's center was officially relocated to Konya on September 19, 1985, following the decision of the Economic Affairs High Coordination Council on September 12, 1984, stating that the company's center would be in Konya.



The TÜMOSAN Konya Engine Factory is located in the Organized Industrial Zone in the Büyükkayacık Neighborhood, Selçuklu district.