Friday, 14 June 2024
Konya's invention wins first place at Teknofest

Konya's invention wins first place at Teknofest

Selcuk Capsule Hyperloop Team from Selcuk University won the first prize in the TEKNOFEST 2023 Hyperloop Development Competition.

The Selcuk Capsule Hyperloop Team, whose advisor is Enes Yücel, an instructor at the Faculty of Technology, consists of the following members: Cemal Karabulut, Furkan Kayaalp, Omer Can, Fatih Mete Demir, Mervan Munis, Barış Doğanşah, Abdullah Çelebi, Yasin Çelebi, Furkan Karaüzüm, Umut Ulaş Aydın, Ismail Arda Aytaç, Hakan Uslu, Mete Çiçek, and Yasin Şahin.

Selcuk University Rector, Prof. Dr. Metin Aksoy, stated in his announcement that the University is striving to fulfill the dreams of its students. Prof. Dr. Aksoy emphasized the value of students seeing their projects being supported in competitions rather than solely focusing on winning awards or first place. He said, “Selcuk University makes this difference felt. We invite our students who will choose our university in the new exams to join us.”

Selcuk Capsule Hyperloop Team member Baris Dogansah explained that Hyperloop projects are the 5th generation rail transportation system. Dogansah stated that the project aims to achieve higher speeds by preventing rail and air friction and that there are many examples of this around the world, including development projects by China, England, and Elon Musk. He said, “The goal is to theoretically reach speeds of 1,200 kilometers per hour.”

Selcuk Capsule Hyperloop Team Advisor, Instructor Enes Yucel, stated that the project includes areas that need to be worked on, especially the vacuumization of the tunnel and the vehicle's ability to overcome resistance while trying to catch up to the speed of sound while moving inside the tunnel. Yucel emphasized that these issues need to be addressed.