Wednesday, 24 April 2024
Smart Waste Collection System Enhances Safety and Environmental Benefits in Konya

Smart Waste Collection System Enhances Safety and Environmental Benefits in Konya

One of the innovative projects of the Meram Municipality, the 'Smart Waste Collection' system, is now operational throughout the district. Meram Mayor Mustafa Kavuş stated that the system, which provides significant benefits in terms of time and cost, has now become active throughout the district and has opened a new era in terms of cleanliness and security.

The 'Smart Waste Collection' system, which was implemented by Meram Municipality last year for underground garbage containers, has now been activated throughout the district. The system provides significant benefits in terms of time and cost, and it also enables a rapid response to dangerous and financially harmful fires.

Last year, 500 underground garbage containers that were left incomplete were added to the system, which was largely installed. With the addition of the missing underground garbage containers, especially in the Köyceğiz, Alavardı, and Gödene neighborhoods, all underground containers in the district were included in the system. The system installed on the underground garbage containers allows the filling rates of the containers to be monitored centrally, and a roadmap can be created for emptying times.

Meram Mayor Mustafa Kavuş emphasized the significant benefits of the 'Smart Waste Collection' system in terms of time and cost efficiency and highlighted its contribution to the efficiency of resources. In his statement, he stated, "The Smart Waste Collection project is one of the best reflections of our clean and healthy city approach. When the garbage container needs to be emptied, it sends a signal to the center, and our teams are directed to that point. This leads to savings in many areas, from fuel to the correct and timely use of personnel time. Since the day we took office, we have made efforts to use resources correctly and efficiently. Today, we have taken important steps towards this goal. The 'Smart Waste Collection' system is also an important step towards achieving this goal," he said.

Mayor Kavuş pointed out that the smart city waste management system provides significant benefits in many areas, in addition to the economic and time savings it brings. "Sensors placed in the garbage containers also transmit information to the center regarding heat and temperature increases. Fiery waste thrown into garbage containers can cause fires, panic, and financial damage. Thanks to the sensors, when there is an increase in heat, our system receives an alert. This allows us to take precautions against the risk of fire. Additionally, this system minimizes environmental pollution, unsightly views, and garbage odor problems," he said.